A Useful Double Kiss Pot

This is a simple shot and could win you the game! Although you may think that the pink is not on, it is far easier than you think. Play the shot almost full ball with lots of right side and the object ball will double kiss straight into the pocket. A great shot to win a match!

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For the shot to be on the object ball needs to be resting on a curved part of the cushion. It can be just at the start of the pocket jaw and if this is the case it will enter the pocket nicely if enough spin is applied to the cue ball. If the object ball is resting against the flat part of the cushion the shot will generally be too risky to play as the success rate will be very low.

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With modern 'professional' pockets, the cushion jaw starts much nearer the pocket drop. In this case the same principle applies; the object ball must be resting on at least the beginning of the pocket jaw. You may find that you can almost pot the object ball from a standard cut-back if the pocket jaws are very sharp. Therefore, depending on the combination of the position of the balls and cut of the pocket, the shot may not be of much use. However, if the object ball is at the start of the pocket jaw the pot can amazingly be made even if the cue ball is tight on the top cushion; this shot is definitely not on from a cut-back.

In all cases the shot needs to be played slowly with lots of side, addressing the cue ball below centre. It is easier if the cue ball is near the object ball but the shot can be made from the full width of the table. The further you are from the object ball the more the side will dissipate and the more difficult it is to hit the object ball full ball and make the shot.