About us

englishBilliards.org was developed by two Billiards enthusiasts, Martin Goodwill and Roger Morgan:

Martin started playing Billiards as a boy in the Teesside Boys Billiards League in England and has won the English Amateur Championship six times to date. Only three other players in the history of the game have won the title more times than this. Martin also became the 2009 European Open Champion and is thus a well-known and respected player throughout the the Billiards world.

Roger is a retired IT specialist, who started playing the game in his youth and has had an affinity for Billiards ever since. A good deal of his working life was spent in Belgium, where he took the Fort Jaco team from Brussels to victory in the first official Belgian Snooker Championships back in 1985. More recently, he turned his attention to the various American Pool games as well as learning something of the carom disciplines. On his return to the UK he went back to his roots and started playing English billiards again.

englishBilliards.org aims to promote Billiards worldwide by teaching the skills of the game; helping players to begin playing and encouraging those who already are.

Wherever you live and whatever your standard of cuemanship, we hope that you can learn from the site so that you can enjoy playing Billiards. It is truly a beautiful game and the more you play, the more you will want to play!