Advanced Billiards Phase

The Advanced Billiards Phase will progress a player to a more advanced standard and increase a player's repertoire of shots. After completing this Phase you will be at a standard that is sufficient to compete in National competitions, you should be able to make a 30 break and you will be entitled to take the Advanced Billiards Examination with a qualified coach.

Advanced Billiards Examination

The Advanced Billiards Examination will be carried out under the supervision of a National Coach at a suitable venue, and should take no longer than 90 minutes. Before taking the Examination with a National Coach you should complete the self-assessed multiple choice quiz's, one at the end of each lesson, and achieved a 70% pass mark on each of them. The Examination consists of exactly the same shots that are at the end of the 5 Lessons, but you will only have 6 attempts at each break (30 in total) and your overall score will be counted. You can choose the order that you wish to play the shots and to pass the Examination you need to score a total of 210 points or more. You will be allowed 10 minutes of practice time before taking the Examination, in order to get used to the table.

In addition to the above, the National Coach will set you 20 revision shots. Where applicable, you should be able to set the cue ball yourself and demonstrate about a 60% success rate. Any time remaining at the end of the Examination will be utilised for coaching.

If you wish to take the Examination, please contact us and we will email further instructions and coordinate with a Coach in your area. The Examination cost is £20 or equivalent.

Certificate and Photograph

After successfully completing the Advanced Billiards Phase you will receive a Certificate from Please take a digital camera along to the Examination in order to email a suitable photograph for the site. is hoping to co-ordinate with various Billiards Associations with an aim to provide an Achievement Reward, which may consist of some free coaching, free entry into an appropriate competition, or alternative rewards.

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