Methods of Break-building

The following are some of the many methods of break-building. It is important that you know the patterns of play that YOU aim to use to accumulate points. That way you will have purpose and focus in your play.

All-Around Play

You will probably find that most of your Billiards is all-around play. You will find yourself constantly improvising to manoeuvre the balls into good positions. As you become more proficient at this, try to include one or more of the following methods of break-building.

Losing Hazards

Use middle pocket losers to build breaks off the red but make sure that you have a backup plan off the white. If the white is 'dead', it is normally best to go after it. Losing hazards form the backbone of Billiards. However, remember that ‘Long losers’ are always risky, especially on an unfamiliar table.

‘Loose’ Top of The Table

With the white anywhere near the spot there is always an opportunity to take a few points using cannons and pot reds. Although large breaks cannot be made exclusively when the white is ‘loose’ around the spot end, you can usually accumulate valuable points.

Floating White or Postman’s Knock Top of The Table

If you can play either of these they are prolific methods of break building.

Close Cannons

A great way to score quickly but Close Cannons are only for very advanced players.