3 Levels of Control

You will not always be in control of the balls during a game of Billiards. If you are fortunate, your opponent may leave you an easy opening shot where you immediately have control of both object balls, but more often than not, you will have to manoeuvre the balls to a good position. In general, there are three levels of control - 1. Getting in - 2. Being partly in control - 3. Being in Full Control.

Level 1 = Just trying to score/getting in

You will often be faced with a difficult shot, either as your first shot after your opponent has missed, or perhaps when you have lost position. Your first priority should be to score. If this means a ‘bash’ cannon, so be it. However, always have a look at the safety option if the score is doubtful.

Level 2 = In Control of One Object Ball

There are times that you may have control of only one object ball; perhaps a red middle pocket loser is on with the white on the side cushion. Here, you are only partially in control and should normally go after the other object ball when the opportunity arises. It is generally poor Billiards to ignore a ‘dead’ ball (especially if it is the red).

Level 3 = In Control of Both Object Balls

With both balls in play and in good positions you have control and the opportunity to break-build.