Half-Ball in Snooker

The Half-Ball is a phenomenon that is totally different to anything used in potting. If the object ball is hit at half-ball (or even thereabouts), the cue ball will always follow the same path. If you don’t believe this, set the position as shown and pot the red to anywhere between the marks (use 2 pieces of chalk on the side cushion). If you play this shot with top (and no stun at all) the cue ball will enter the left top pocket every time!

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Nudging balls off cushions is easier if you can recognize the Half-Ball angle . Also, if you know whether an in-off is 'on' you can do something about it. If it is not on you can confidently play the shot. Furthermore, recognising the Half-Ball angle will enable you to play safety shots that just miss other balls. You can’t play the shot if you don’t see the shot!

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Half-Ball Plants are often missed but are easy to play if you see them. Remember that you can be inaccurate with this shot and still get it because the Half-Ball contact has lots of latitude for error. These shots can be played over much bigger distances once you can see the Half-Ball natural angle!

For more information, see Half-Ball.