'Losing Hazard' and 'Loser' are two alternative terms for an 'in-off'. It is common terminology in Billiards to use these two terms rather than 'in-off', for the longer range shots e.g. 'long-loser' would be used rather than 'long in-off'. However, the term 'in-off' is normally used for short distance shots e.g 'screw back in-off'.

A deadly match winning tactic

Losing Hazard play can be a deadly match winning tactic in its own right and Losing Hazards provide the backbone to Billiards. A player must become proficient at them in order to be able to control the balls and make breaks. Losing Hazard play can be so effective because it consumes table time, allows a player to get a feel for the table with minimum risk and offers the possibility of accumulating points with much more limited demands on a player's cueing ability than is required at top of the table play.

It is interesting to note that previous Champions such as Beetham, Driffield, Karnhem and Nolan (along with some of today's top amateurs) have used this method to deadly effect in terms of winning matches and seldom bothered with top of the table other than as an occasional brief interlude to their losing hazard game.

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