How to measure/set up the balls

Measurements in this site have been taken from the face/front edge of the cushion (the cloth at the front of the cushion) to the centre of the ball (so that you can measure and mark the position of the ball).


Throughout the site 'above' describes a ball nearer the top cushion and 'below' describes a ball nearer the baulk cushion.

Table Dimensions

Table dimensions and markings vary slightly but the standard table measurements are:

  • Within the cushion faces the playing area is 140½ inches (3569 mm) by 70 inches (1778 mm) with an overall tolerance of ±0½ inches (13 mm) (either way).
  • The baulk line is 29 inches (737 mm) from the face of the baulk cushion.
  • The D is a semi-circle of radius 11½ inches (292 mm).
  • The billiard spot is 12¾ inches (324 mm) from the top cushion.
  • The Pyramid spot is mid-way between the centre spot and the face of the top cushion.