Lesson 1


By the end of this section you should be able to play cannons from red to white, when close to the spot. These are essential in advanced Billiards and there are many variations of these cannons. You will also learn to play a stun loser across the table and control the path of the object ball using side and contact. Finally, you will play a sequence of 'easy' top-of-the-table.


For this Section you will need to read transmitted side.

Revision Shots

Go back to these shots and play the Advanced Billiards variants of them. Although they are not included in the playing test, when you complete the Advanced Billiards Examination you may be asked to play these shots.

New Shots

Putting it all together

Once you have practised the three individual shots in this lesson it's time to put them together into a break.

The Playing Test for this lesson will enable you to evaluate your performance before moving on to the next lesson.