Red in Baulk

Recovering the Red (in Baulk)

The following are some of the options available when the red is in Baulk and you are playing from hand:

Using a middle pocket loser

Play the middle pocket loser to bring the white close to the baulk line, making sure that you do not double baulk yourself. Keep the white within the D area; it is a mistake to bring the white back down the side of the table.

Using a loser around the pyramid spot

With the white above the Pyramid spot you can play the loser to bring the white directly off the top cushion towards the baulk line. If the white is around or below the Pyramid spot, you will have to bring the white off the top and side cushions.

Using a Short jenny

If you leave yourself a Short Jenny that is near the baulk line, then it is a relatively simple matter to play the Jenny to leave the white near the baulk line to recover the white on the next shot.

Using a Three-Cushion Cannon

If the red is near the corner pocket and also near a cushion, the three-cushion cannon is sometimes a reasonable option. The best position for the white is in the middle of the table, slightly nearer the baulk line than the middle spot.

Playing a Pot White Double Baulk

This is often the best option, particularly if the table is poor. If you are unsure of the top cushion it is often better to pot the white than to double baulk yourself!