Republic of Ireland

Play or watch a game

Perhaps you are new to the game or already play but are visiting a new area of your Country for a day or so. This section is split into Countries and within your Country you will find a list of Associations, Leagues and contacts that will help you to begin playing Billiards. If you already play, use it to find somewhere to play a game or to go to see a match.

Please tell us about your League!

At we will do our best to keep details in this section current, but we need input from players and organizers. So if you are part of a club, league or Billiards organization, please tell us about it! We would like to add a small paragraph about each.

Are you a player not connected to a League?

If you enjoy Billiards but are not part of a League or Association, then you can still help the 'game' by allowing to add your contact details, particularly your email, so that either current or new players could get in touch. Please let us know!