A Structured Approach to the Game

The Syllabus provides players  with a logical and structured approach to learning Billiards.  Although it is beneficial if you have a Coach to teach and supervise you, you should be able to work through the Syllabus on your own.  However, on reaching the end of either the Basic Billiards Phase or the Advanced Billiards Phase you should check your progress with an approved Coach, who is qualified to teach English Billiards.

The Syllabus is endorsed by the English Amateur Billiards Association (EABA), the English Billiards Open Series (EBOS) and the English Association of Snooker and Billiards (EASB). All examinations in England are carried out by registered Coaches from these organizations.

Structure of each Syllabus

The Basic and Advanced Syllabus are each spit into 5 Lessons, with each Lesson consisting of groups of around three shots that naturally flow together, one after another, to make a break of between 5 and 12 points.  Along with these shots there is a small amount of theory to learn, in order to help you play the shots successfully.  Don't worry about this being hard work as there are many diagrams, photographs and  videos to help you easily grasp the concepts.  The shots will be learned individually at first and then grouped together by the end of each Lesson.  Each Lesson concludes with a self-assessed playing test and a multiple-choice quiz.

How use and navigate the Syllabus

When you go to a Syllabus page you will see tags on the right side of the page to tell you what you need to study:

Basic BilliardsIf you are using the Basic Billiards Syllabus look for:

If you are following the Basic Syllabus it will normally be best to stick to the green 'tagged' items.

Advanced BilliardsFor the Advanced Syllabus look for:

Billiards TheoryTheory is annotated as:

The blue 'tagged' items are found in the Syllabus but are also throughout the site.

To help you navigate the site, if you are using the Syllabus and go to a page in Strokes of the Game, say to look at a shot, you will be able to easily get back to the Syllabus by using a 'Back to the Syllabus' link in a box similar to this.  However, if you go straight to the Strokes of the Game page you will not see the 'Back to the Syllabus' links.

How to take an Examination

Contact (via the 'Contact Us' link at the top of the page).  We will arrange for an Examiner to contact you.  The Examination will take approximately 1 1/2 hours at a venue mutually agreed by the Examiner and yourself.  You will be responsible for the table fees at the venue. The fee for taking the Examination is £20.  It is emphasized that the aim is to get you playing and enjoying the beautiful game of English Billiards, so the Examiner is there to coach as much as examine.  In the unlikely event that you can not achieve the standard required, you will be able to re-take the Examination at a reduced fee of £15.  In the majority of cases we will arrange for a different Examiner to have a look at your game.

Once You Have Passed!

In England, The English Amateur Billiards Association (EABA) and The English Billiards Open Series (EBOS) both offer generous incentives to players that pass the Basic or Advanced Syllabus.  Please see the individual Syllabus for more information on this.