Transmitted Side

A useful skill

Use of transmitted side is very useful in advanced Billiards. Most snooker players know what happens when a double is played with side, but Billiards players are generally hesitant about accepting transmitted side as a concept.

Effect on the shot

The side that is transmitted from the cue ball to the object ball is small, but has a big effect on the shot if the shot is played square-on to the cushion. However, for shots that are at acute angles to the cushion, transmitted side is almost irrelevant as the 'effect' is negligible. The extreme example of this is a shot along the cushion; in this case, transmitted side is of no use whatsoever as the object ball does not bounce off the cushion.

Practical example

A very good example of a Billiards shot that uses transmitted side is the loser from hand with the object ball close to the top cushion. In this case the result of the shot is markedly different, depending whether left or right side is used. One of the main reasons why this shot is so dependant on the side that is used on the cue ball is the fact that the object ball hits the cushion 'square on'. Therefore, the object ball path can be varied by side on the cue ball.