White in Baulk

Recovering the White (in Baulk)

The following are some of the options to recover the white when it is in baulk and you are playing from hand:

Using a loser into a middle pocket after 2 pots off the spot

This is one of the best methods of getting the white back. If you can leave the second pot off the spot so that the balls are lined up across the table, the pot will run the cue ball off the side cushion to leave a half-ball loser off the red, when it is placed on the middle spot. Alternatively, depending on the pot red angle, you may have to stun up the table or follow through off the top and side cushions. The red loser into the middle pocket can be played in a variety of ways, but it is always best for the cue ball to be on the opposite side to the white (in baulk) so that you push the red towards the white.

Using a cross loser

This is one of the easiest shots to get position from, but it is not the easiest position to achieve. If you pot the red into a middle pocket and go to the spot end, there is a low probability of you landing in such a position so that you can run through for the cross loser. Nevertheless, if you do, seize the opportunity!

Using a middle cross loser

If you play the middle cross loser from the opposite side to the white (in baulk), you will bring the red towards the white. You will have to be careful not to hit the shot too hard, causing the red to cross the baulk line.

Using a middle pocket loser

This is one of the most common methods used to recover the white. Play the middle pocket loser to bring the red close to the baulk line, making sure that you do not double baulk yourself. Keep the red within the central area of the table (within the D area); it is normally a mistake to bring the red back down the side of the table.

Using a loser around the pyramid spot

With the red above the Pyramid spot you can play the loser to bring the red directly off the top cushion towards the baulk line. If the red is around or below the Pyramid spot, you will have to bring the red off the top and side cushions.

Using a cannon after 2 pots off the spot

Play 2 pots off the spot to leave a long cannon from red to white. You may even think about leaving an indirect cannon as a cannon using the side or baulk cushions may offer a better chance of leaving good position. Although this method looks the best method the cannon is far from certain due to the long distance between the balls and this method should normally not be your first choice. If you were 20 behind with 2 minutes to play, this option may be worth the risk, otherwise it may be best to leave it alone!

Using a Short Jenny

If you leave yourself a Short Jenny that is near the baulk line, then it is a relatively simple matter to play the Jenny to leave the red near the baulk line to recover the white on the next shot.